[Image credit: mapichai]

I think we’re all made for fellowship at one time or another.  That while we’re on earth, we’re here to laugh and cry alongside the ones we’re lucky enough to cross paths with.  But I also believe we must spend time alone.  It’s these moments in which we’re afforded the opportunity to figure out what makes us tick.  Or to enjoy a favorite hobby or expand our knowledge.  During my lunch hours, I like to drive home and read or just enjoy the quiet.  And although I’m with numerous other students at Yoga, during the 90 minutes while we’re guided by the voice of the instructor, we focus 100 percent on ourselves.  So I’m able to recognize each nuance of my body — from tightness or aches to my breath and heartbeat.  Whatever I end up doing, spending time alone helps me better handle the other demands on my time, as well as appreciate those in my life that much more.

Do you take the time to spend alone?