[Image credit: digitalart]

Last Sunday I spent the majority of the day feeling miserable.  The night before I ate and drank a combination of foods and beverages that did not agree with my stomach and its ongoing issues.  By the afternoon, I was so uncomfortable that I skipped my Yoga class and spent most of the time catching up on writing and resting.  Which weren’t bad things in and of themselves.  But I knew better.  Sometimes the fleeting pleasure of a “forbidden” food outweighs the consequences but, more often than not, I just end up upset with my lack of self-control.  This concept covers a lot of ground.  But the one thing I am finally beginning to “get” is that it doesn’t help to beat myself up over it.  And the next time I feel like indulging, I will try to remember to ask myself if whatever it is is worth the brief moment of gratification and potential aftermath.

How good are you at saying “no” to the figurative forbidden fruit(s)?