[Image credit: Phaitoon]

By the time I post this, hopefully I’m the owner of a new cell phone.  I’ve been using one with a cracked screen and memory problems so that it’s capable of only receiving and sending calls and texting off and on.  My contract was due for an upgrade this past Monday; however, it was hard not to buy something before I was eligible to receive the discounted price.  And when I went into the store two days sooner to look at my options and learned I could upgrade a week early, I still stuck to my original plan of conducting research before making a decision.  I wanted to ensure I’d choose the perfect phone for me.  After all, it’s a two-year commitment and I know what it’s like to regret a couple of my previous selections.  So here’s to taking my time and doing my homework.  Hopefully the best phone will have won.

What decision have you made lately requiring a little research and a lot of patience?