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Last December I celebrated my birthday over the course of 12 days (the 12 days of Chrissy).  Each day I did one thing to honor the day of my birth.  For example, one evening I soaked in a bubble bath while reading and sipping on a glass of Choco Noir.  Dinner and live music one night and a lunch date with my co-workers also contributed to the fun.  I thought of doing it again this year, but I’m considering trying something different.  Like volunteering my time.  And instead of spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts that we either end up returning or don’t really need to begin with, I think it would be rewarding to adopt a family who requires assistance.  Usually I enter this time of year — birthday and Christmas — with mixed feelings (the commercialism doesn’t help).  But this year I’m actually looking forward to the holidays.  Maybe it has to do with taking the focus off me.

What’s your secret to surviving the holidays?