[Image credit: Sura Nualpradid]

A few weeks ago, I had about 10 minutes to go in my 90-minute Bikram Yoga class.  It was my 27th practice session and the very first time I was forced to lie down in the middle of a pose.  And the next one and the next one.  My heart had started racing and no amount of slow, deep breathing helped.  It was pretty scary.  Fast forward an hour and a half.  I had replenished my electrolytes while still at the studio, driven home and eaten a healthy dinner.  It took that long to slow my heart to its normal rhythm.  The next day I consulted my cardiologist and, although she couldn’t tell me the exact reason it occurred, she gave me tips if it happens again.  That afternoon I listened to my body and refrained from physical activity.  I also decided it may be time to cut back a bit more.  Too much of a good thing and all that.

When your body speaks, do you listen?