[Image credit: sixninepixels]

My 20-year-old daughter is learning how to manage a budget.  A few weeks ago, she bought the iPhone4 (because she could get it for free).  Less than a week after her auspicious deal, she dropped the phone outside (why are they made of 95% glass?), the screen spider webbed and the casing cracked.  And, unfortunately, she hadn’t purchased insurance because she couldn’t afford it with the other bills she’s juggling.  She walked in the house and showed me, disappointment written in her expression.  But instead of crying or cussing (which I admittedly may have done), she said that she had other more important things on her mind and wasn’t going to let it ruin the amazing night she experienced at her first rock concert.  Here was one of those teachable moments — where she taught me.  I just looked at her and hoped, in some small way, I have a hand in the amazing woman she is becoming.

Are you able to focus on the “more important things?”