[Image credit: m_bartosch]

Two weeks ago I celebrated a momentous occasion: my one-year anniversary with the publishing firm I work for.  In some ways, I can hardly believe 365 days have come and gone since my first day on the job, but in other ways, it feels as if I’ve been a part of the team for years.  In my experience — whether it’s a job or a new friend or group of people — when the dynamics are aligned just so, I think it’s only natural to move into that empty spot waiting to be filled by our unique personality and skills.  I think that says a lot about ourselves to be able to fit in, and about the people we’re with.  As for my job, I hope I’m there for a while … as long as I’m still learning and still gaining experience doing what I love.  Here’s to another year: of knowledge, of success and continued laughter.

What have you done for a short time, but feels like years?