[Image credit: samurai]

Every weekday morning my alarm is set for 4:30.  Recently, I turned off the alarm when it chirped its irritating wake-up call but, instead of rising immediately, I fell back asleep.  And woke up 45-minutes later.  That really put a crimp in my morning, which included making dinner for that evening as I would be home late from Yoga.  My only other choice was to quickly revise my plan (that’s really why I write everything in my Franklin with pencil, not pen).  I looked at the day and everything I hoped to accomplish, prioritized (Yes, I have to go to work.  Yoga is not negotiable.  Leftovers look good for dinner tonight.  Who says two rooms need to be dusted?).  Once I readjusted my plans, I regrouped, was able to get moving and do what needed to be “did.”  The day was salvaged (with little wiggle-room for anything more to be added) with just enough time to make my Keurig iced coffee.

How do you salvage a derailed day?