[Image credit: Suvro Datta]

One recent Sunday I decided to take the day off from exercise and tackle my chores, instead.  It was close to 6:00 AM, so I had a little less than three hours before I needed to shower and get out the door.  During that time, I washed a load of laundry, dust vacuumed my floor tiles, cleaned the master bathroom, dusted three rooms and wrote a few pieces.  Then I spent an hour at church, stopped at Starbucks for lunch with my daughter and shopped at five or six stores, came home and made strawberry glace’ pie for a birthday celebration at work the next day and vegetarian black bean chili for dinner.   Very little down time.  When my head finally touched the pillow that night, I realized that although I didn’t work out the traditional way, I burned a few calories throughout the course of my day.  Which made me feel better after I ate that serving of candy corn.

What literal meanings do you quibble over?