[Image credit: ponsulak]

One of my favorite things to do is accidentally build a cushion into my schedule.  When I’m planning my day, I use the appointment schedule next to the daily task list (in my Franklin), to write down when I intend to tackle each chore or errand.  Sometimes I’ll bite off more than I can chew and don’t get everything accomplished.  But when the opposite happens and I finish with extra time to hop on Facebook and play Words With Friends or take a timeout and read for a while, it feels good.  But then I start to think that maybe I didn’t plan enough into my day.  And I feel a bit lazy and contemplate what other things I could add to my list.  I have a hard time not being on the go and I forget to schedule in the down times.  Maybe I should first learn not to tamper with the cushions.

Do you plan too much or just the right amount to fill your days?