[Image credit: adamr]

Something’s been on my mind lately.  It’s been coming up in conversations with a few of my friends, which in turn makes me question myself.  If I was in a relationship or a job, for example, where things are going pretty well as a whole, but missing one important element, would I do something?  Or would I accept that “missing link” as my own personal cross to bear?  I know someone who is married to a wonderful man, but their relationship lacks an integral element.  She would never consider throwing away everything else just because of that one thing.  Another acquaintance of mine has a job she enjoys, but it doesn’t always provide the challenge she craves.  Yet, she stays because she loves the staff, appreciates the flexibility and is still learning.  Accept the missing link and stay … or go after the piece that makes you whole?  The unknown is whether the exchange you’d be making is any better.

Is there a missing link in your life?