[Image credit: Danilo Rizzuti]

A couple of weekends ago I learned a little about subjectivity.  Last year, my family embarked on a business venture as landlords.  When the lease was up, we decided it wasn’t for us and prepared the home for sale.  After spending hours cleaning, I realized the concept of cleanliness is subjective.  Many other things in life are reflected in shades of gray rather than black and white.  I wonder, then, who becomes the determining judge … who wins the argument.  In the case of our rental property, we expected the home to be left in the same condition it was when we rented it out.  Immaculate.  What we walked into was a year’s worth of dust covering each ceiling fan, scorched flat top glass stove, blackened baseboards, stained toilets.  It was disheartening, but a bit of a lesson.  First, it confirmed our decision to dissolve our venture and second, we realized sometimes even the little things need to be spelled out.

What is a subjective in your life?