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Have you ever heard someone say they’re not good with names?  I’ve always purported to be one of those people; however, I’ve been trying to make a point of remembering those who take the time to introduce themselves to me.  Each time I meet someone new, I repeat their name back to them at least once.  Over the past few months, if it’s convenient, I’ve also written down the names afterward.  And when I attend a regular function, I make it a point to learn at least two new people each time I attend whatever it is.  I know how impressed I am when someone remembers my name because I feel important enough for them to take the time to give me thought.  I like that feeling and I imagine others do, too.  If I can’t remember, I’ll admit my forgetfulness and keep working on it.  But I think it’s more than just the name — it’s taking the time to care.

What is your secret to remembering names?