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Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  This is where you don’t say, “What more could go wrong?”  I’ve heard that bad things happen in threes.  It doesn’t matter if you’re already in debt or sick or your schedule is packed from the time you rise until you crawl into bed bone tired.  Because there’s no limit on hard luck.  When I finally went back to college, my daughter was a junior in high school and made some poor choices, my mom passed away the first month of classes which required me to travel out of state and the company I freelanced for switched its contractors to a different software.  It was challenging, but somehow I survived our family’s upheaval, maintained my 4.17 GPA and successfully navigated the new computer program.  Maybe it’s easier to simply accept that things are going to happen, whether we’re ready or not.  And to remember to start carrying an umbrella.

How do you prepare for life’s muddy waters?