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I’m always standing up for the underdog.  Or the “old dog.”  If you followed my journey as a nontraditional student, you’re familiar with my mantra that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  I see the proof of that in what I’ve accomplished since returning to college and graduating the same day my daughter finished with high school.   Maybe not a lot of new tricks in the scheme of things, but I’ve learned a great deal.  And I’m still learning.  For instance, in a Yoga posture clinic yesterday, I realized it’s okay to start over from square one to get a pose right rather than hurry along my progress and potentially injure myself.  I also learned it’s important to slow down inside of class — with my breathing and postures — making it easier to take my time outside of class to process what’s going on around me instead of simply reacting.  And most importantly, I was reminded Yoga is practice.  Like life.

What lesson(s) have you learned lately?