[Image credit: adamr]

Last week I heard the comment: whatever you focus on expands … so make sure you don’t stare at your rear end too long.  Once I got past the humor, I started thinking about the meaning behind the words.  For example, focusing on your vocation means your future prospects should expand.  If you concentrate on your education, your knowledge will increase.  Read more, and your vocabulary and comprehension will improve.  Two of my nieces have focused on their families and, between the two of them, I’m the great auntie of 18 amazing kids.  I think it can be even easier than that, however.  If you focus on the positive, more of the good things in your life are illuminated.  Conversely, if you focus on the negative, it may seem like you’re down on your luck more often than not.  What we focus on expands.  I’m going to start with love and patience and go from there.

What is one thing you wish to see expand in your life?