[Image credit: ponsuwan]

Since I’ve gotten hooked on the hot Yoga craze, I’ve been asked if Bikram is “un”Christian.  Although I haven’t conducted hours of research on the background for each pose and the Sanskrit language behind the moves, I can say that after taking 12 of the 90-minute classes, I am unable to find anything “un”Christian about it.  And to me it appears more holistic rather than agnostic or atheistic.  There is a particular resting pose which allows the blood to flow normally after various vessel-constricting moves; however, during this time the student is encouraged to stay present in the room.  There are no spirits conjured or gods worshipped; instead, we’re told to leave bad thoughts and the weight of the day outside of the room while we do good things for our complete bodies in the room.  Yoga is healing me from the inside out — a gift I’m thankful for each day.  Time to run — I’m planning on attending noon Bikram.

What healing or feel-good gift do you support?