[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

Usually, my Franklin is overbooked.  Six hours weekly at the gym had turned into 10+ hours once I added hot Yoga to my schedule.  Many days I’d overlap my workouts so that some mornings I’d spend at least 45 minutes at the gym and 90 minutes in the afternoons at Bikram.  But here’s the clincher: I still only have 24 hours in the day to work with.  And I realize that whether my body whispers it to me in the still of night or gives a shout out in front of my next-door neighbors, inevitably it will demand a timeout.  Rather than be forced to sit out, however, I decided to start cutting back.  Once a day — whether at the gym or at the studio — is plenty to manage my health concerns and keep me fit.  That also means more time to tackle other stuff on my list.  Or maybe just catch a few more minutes of shut-eye.

Do you need to cut something back in your life?