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I want to thank the editors out there for making us [writers] look good.  You know who you are.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, my oldest sister reads my blog posts and offers her editorial suggestions.  Sometimes I take her advice; other times, if I think it may alter my voice, I leave it alone.  Earlier this year, my editor with In With Skin magazine cleaned up an article I wrote so it shined in print (and online).  Other pieces I’ve written — whether as a guest blogger for Superstition Review online literary magazine or a current article for one of the publications I work for — look brilliant due to the skilled editors behind the scenes.  Although I do a little editing myself, I’m simply too close to my own work to do it justice.  I am learning the tricks of the trade, however.  So I hope with each new piece I submit, less work is needed in the background.

Is there someone who make (my sister just informed me I inadvertently omitted the “s” here … isn’t she great?!) you look good?