[Image credit: Vlado]

Some of you may have read about my battle with an eating disorder in a recent In With Skin article.  Although years later I am in a much better place physically, at times I still struggle psychologically.  For example, Friday and Saturday, combined, I logged in 4.25 hours between the gym and Yoga studio.  A girlfriend asked me why I push myself so hard.  Without analyzing it too much, in some ways it’s oftentimes the only area of my life I truly feel in control over.  Poor food choices or personal issues beyond my power equal double-time in my happy place(s).  Of course, there’s also an element of attempting to fight the age thing. My girlfriend also suggested it’s a form of punishment.  Whatever the reason, for me there’s nothing like the endorphin rush I receive — even the emotionally-charged moments where I’ve been flailed, my feelings stripped raw and exposed.  Makes you want to hit the gym with me next time, doesn’t it?

Where’s your go-to happy place?