[Image credit: digitalart]

Take a good look at your life.  Better yet, capture it digitally and store it on your external drive for posterity.  What if this snapshot is a representation of life as you know it in five, 10, 20+ years from now?  Would you be satisfied?  Thrilled with how things turned out?  A good friend reminded me we can’t know the future, so in my book that means we better have the present accounted for.  After all, Someday may not arrive, or may look differently than we planned.  Although I won’t stop dreaming, I understand that hoping for Someday may be as good as it gets.  Conversely, if I cease to dream, then I cease to live and I’ll have less to record on “film.”  But hopefully, when Someday does arrive, I’ll pull out the memories and think back to the unknowns — laughing at my impatience and wondering how I could’ve been so narrow-minded.  All while I’m living my dream.

Are you okay with a future that resembles Today?