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Earlier this week, I asked my daughter for blog ideas.  Have you ever talked about personal beliefs? she responded.  When my immediate answer was no, she questioned if I was afraid I’d be judged for taking a stand.  I denied her suggestion, stating that I prefer to keep my topics middle-of-the-road.  After thinking about it a bit, however, I wondered if perhaps I am afraid I’ll turn off my readers … be judged.  One of my original purposes for this blog was to ramble about the topics near and dear to my heart, ones that tend to be common threads among others — hopes and dreams, disappointment, loss, grammar faux pas (of course) — whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.  Maybe I should be more open with my beliefs.  But while my core values remain the same, my viewpoints tend to be fluid, ever-changing.  I guess I just think there is a time and a place.  And for me this isn’t it.

Do you take a stand whenever possible?