[Image credit: ponsuwan]

The other night I was talking to a friend about my quest for Someday — the indefinable future when everything I’ve ever hoped for (and even those things I never knew I wanted) is ripe and mine for the plucking.  Instead of Someday, she said, why not “one” day?  One day, I will have arrived.  One day, I’ll be living my sandcastles-in-the-sky.  One day my dreams will come true.  Admittedly, it has a catchy ring to it, while at the same time granting me permission to appreciate Today.  For some reason, it almost seems more definitive.  Like a promise.  But Someday, to me, is beyond a time; it’s a place.  A place I plan to reside; a locale where I’ll sit back, kick the sand off my feet and shade my eyes from the sun.  Where life is lived in the slow lane.  And as I wait for Someday, my Todays become a means to a new beginning.  One day.

Will your dreams come true one day, or Someday?