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Writing is the best anti-depressant.
~ Fierce Dolan

The other morning, the first person I encountered was a Mister Grumpy Gills.  This required me to make an immediate choice: either put on happy and just keep swimming or walk around with a chip on my shoulder.  I think it’s a lot harder to perform the former strategy after initially being knocked down.  But I guarantee the people you run into for the remainder of the day will mentally thank you if you don’t adopt the latter approach.  The primary thing I did was situate myself in front of my laptop and write.  Immediately I felt the tension begin dissipating as it flowed from my fingertips.  Next, I ate a snack to prepare for my gym time and then I rode off any lingering bad attitude in spin class.  I have no doubt the other drivers on the road, my barista and the people I work with were very appreciative of my efforts.

What does your happy pill look like?