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Subject/verb agreement end of story (at least in this girl’s blog).

  • Rule: If a sentence begins with there is or there are, the subject comes after the verb; the verb agrees with what follows.
  • Examples: There are many fans waiting for autographs.  There is a lone shell expecting to be plucked up.
  • Rule: Nouns that imply more than one person, but are considered singular such as committee, class, family, group and team, are called collective nouns and require a singular verb.
  • Examples: The group of shellers combs the beach each morning before sunrise.  The family of dolphins swims and plays together.
  • Rule: Such expressions as with, together with, including, in addition to, as well as or accompanied by don’t change the number of the subject.  Singular subjects beget singular verbs.
  • Example: His shell, together with hers, is polished and ready for display.

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