[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

Thanks go out to T.C.H. for bringing this grammar gaffe to my attention.  Here are three words (are, our and hour) that, believe it or not, get mixed up by many — most recently by me.  Funny story: the other day I was writing a quick text to a friend and noticed I inadvertently substituted are for our or vice versa.  Thankfully, I recognized my blunder prior to hitting send and avoided shame (this time).  Anyway, I digress.  Are is a plural verb or helping verb.  Our is a possessive adjective, as well as a pronoun.  And hour indicates a period of sixty minutes.  Sample sentences are noted below:

  • Reading and writing are two of my favorite pastimes.
  • Our plans for Someday appear to be an ever-evolving work in progress.
  • I could use one more hour to finish reading my book, writing a chapter, making up for lost time or fill in the blank.

Can you share a recent blooper featuring one of these common terms, or is it too embarrassing?