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In my posts Getting to the root of it all and Regaining your balance, I ramble about addressing our own set of “ickies” — the imperfections each of us struggle with on a regular basis.  Over the past week, I’ve begun the arduous first step: pinpointing a few of my own deep-seated character flaws.  My habitual tardiness is a trait I’m not proud of; however, it is just that: a bad habit that typically doesn’t harm anyone else (and one I continually attempt to improve upon).  But the other ones — shortcomings that can’t help but hold me back from the person I strive to be — may also hurt others in the process.  Selfishness, for example, is self-serving, benefiting no one but myself.  But if I’m truly honest, even that is questionable when my actions so often backfire and bite me in the butt — to the point of altering the course of my Someday and possibly yours.  Perhaps this is true poetic justice.

Are your “ickies” exclusive, or do they affect others, as well?