[Image credit: kangshutters]

A couple of weeks ago, the weekend started out on the wrong foot.  First, my plans were derailed, and then a dear friend and I experienced a big miscommunication.  At the same time, I was fighting a major post-vacation funk and feeling sorry for myself.  Add to that some off and on stomach distress, as well as hurtful words volleyed back and forth with a close relative, and I possessed the Rx for a disastrous two days.  Even though they were all symptoms of a deeper malady, it seems it’s oftentimes easier to dwell on these surface things that can bring us down.  But the next day at the gym, I poured myself into strengthening my body and disciplining my mind.  And when I arrived home an hour and a half later, I was energized and determined to put on my big girl panties and get to the root of it all.

Do you focus on the surface things, or try to find the cause of the greater problem?