[Image credit: tungphoto]

The verdict is in regarding my attempt to “wing it” while vacationing a week and a half ago.  This is where I purposefully chose not to carve any concrete plans in stone prior to my departure, opting to go with the flow and make plans as I went.  This left too many things to chance, however … too many “holes” to be filled.  And when one arrangement fell through, I scrambled to find another to take its place — oftentimes to no avail.  Needless to say, future trips will be planned in advance.  But I think my biggest problem, at times, tends to be an all-or-nothing mindset.  So rather than extreme planning (either overbooking or playing things by ear), I need to try a middle-of-the-road approach.  In other words, schedule ahead while taking into account time constraints, and follow up with a contingency plan.  The best laid plans may not always work out, but they’re better than making none at all.  Although my trip was still a success, it could have been better.

Do you prefer winging it on vacation or mapping out your days?