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Typically when I travel — especially back “home” to visit family and friends — I learn something new.  In a past post entitled Quality or quantity …, I discussed the importance of enjoying any time we’re afforded to spend with our loved ones, as we never know how much time we’ll have.  For instance, I discovered it doesn’t matter if my dad and me are sitting on the sofa holding hands and laughing as we watch America’s Funniest Home Videos, or if I’m savoring a moment with an old friend when no words are even necessary.  And sometimes if we’re lucky, we’re presented a golden nugget — an unexpected prize.  Maybe it’s in the form of a story you’ve never heard before, or a deeper connection formed between you and your sister or great nephew or best friend.  Whatever it is we gain, it’s ours to do with as we will.  These are the pieces that make up the whole of us.

What golden nugget have you been presented lately?