[Image credit: Danilo Rizzuti]

I noticed something about myself a week or so ago.  I can be a feet dragger when I have something I need to do — whether work or non-work related.  It could be tackling a chore on my list, making a phone call, dealing with a relationship that has run its course or any number of things.  On this particular day in reference, I was dilly-dallying before I was supposed to leave for the gym.  Perhaps subconsciously I was thinking if I wasn’t ready to go on time, I wouldn’t have to go.  And then after work I had a half-dozen things I needed to do, including dusting my office and cleaning the master bathroom.  Oh, but first I should fold the laundry.  Did I preheat the oven for dinner?  What about getting the mail?  In a past post I referred to this as making excuses to avoid the inevitable, which is exactly what it is.  So I decided from now on, either I don’t schedule it, or I suck it up when it’s time to face the music.

Are you a feet dragger or always ready to tackle things heads-on?