[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

There was one day last week where the left side of my Franklin was penciled in from 5:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night, after which I simply wrote free in big bold letters (and which ended up being filled with dinner and a movie).  The next day I woke up to an almost blank page.  For some people an open day may elicit excitement, but not for me.  I need that security blanket of knowing what to do and when.  But I’ve also learned my Franklin is more like a guideline and that it’s okay for me to deviate from the list. After sitting at the patio table that morning and writing for a bit, I pulled out my planner and jotted in my day, including some more free time.  It helps to know I can thoroughly immerse myself in my daily tasks, and eventually receive the earned reward of time to do whatever it is my heart desires.  This is one of my ideas for eliminating stress.  Of course the real test will be keeping a flexible schedule on my upcoming travels.  Wish me luck!

Is your to-do list a loose guideline or set in stone?