Many who read the title of this post may not be familiar with the 1980 commercial featuring Chuck Mangione and Ella Fitzgerald.  It revolves around breaking glass sounding just as authentic on cassette tape (Google the definition if necessary).  Not so far of a stretch is the topic of substitutions.  In a society of abundant choices, it’s easier than ever to replace one thing with another.  When dining out, we can ask for a fruit cup instead of toast; when shopping we can choose generic rather than name brand.  For a long time, I refused to exchange Heinz catsup for any other tomatoey condiment, but over the years I’ve relaxed a bit.  However, according to one of my friends, if it isn’t pig, it isn’t bacon (while the turkey variety is fine by me).  Although when it comes to Someday, only the real deal will do.  No substitutions allowed.  This may delay the fulfillment of my dreams, but I’ll appreciate what I’m waiting for that much more when it gets here.

What do you refuse to replace for the real deal?

Image credit: Kilcrease, Worth. “The Journey Ahead: Meditations on Death, Bereavement, and End of Life Care.” Photo.  Psychology copyright 1991-2012. [6 June, 2012]