[Image credit: Salvatore Vuono]

My current health issues have doubled as a reality check for me, keeping me on my toes with the unknowns.  On the one hand, I think the thrill in life may come from not knowing what’s around the next corner, whatever it may be.  On the other hand, what if we were privy?  A close friend and I talk often about how we’d like to possess the inside scoop to our futures.  Would we approach life more cautiously, or feel safe enough to release our inhibitions?  Would we take the time to get to know someone new, or maybe drag our feet, miss an unexpected surprise or simply quit trying altogether?  Or would fear grab hold of us, choking our enthusiasm?  In some ways, it would be nice to know; in others, it’s probably a good thing we’re all in the same boat.  Finding out as we go can be fun — if we let it.  It’s the perfect way to allow (force) us to focus on the reality we live in, rather than getting lost in our hopes and dreams for Someday.  Do I really believe that?  I don’t have much choice.

Have you had a reality check lately?