[Image credit: wyiangya]

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday’s post entitled Practice what you preach, I think the concept of discarding aspirations or life lessons that don’t fit into the scheme of things makes a lot of sense.  After all, isn’t that simply a normal part of life?  If something holds us back from getting ahead, doesn’t edify or build us up, then shedding whatever it may be — an unhealthy relationship, a hopeless dream, a self-defeating attitude, etc. — allows us the room required for new growth (which brings me back to the topic of butterflies outgrowing their cocoons).  We have to understand that hanging on to the old will only obfuscate (conceal or obscure) our ability to soar, limiting our full potential.  Either way, there are no guarantees.  So maybe the question isn’t if I practice what I preach, but rather: Will I discard that which keeps me from being all that I can be?  In other words, will I remain a cocoon, or emerge the butterfly?  Stay tuned, there’s still a half year left.

Are you trapped in a cocoon, or have you shed that which holds you back?