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The calendar doesn’t lie.  We’re nearing the halfway point of 2012 already, which means it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate the goals we put together for the New Year nearly six months ago.  Are some of them outdated, unmotivated, unpopular or simply no longer feasible?  For instance, once I realized my ankle may never support my goal of training for a short race, and eventually a triathlon, I eliminated these two aspirations from my list.  This left two spots wide open for filling.  Unfortunately, I have yet to come up with replacement goals.  But I can keep the spaces open for now, because who knows, maybe while I work on one of my other dreams, a new one (or two) may materialize.  In the meantime, continuing to bite off small pieces keeps the goals manageable.  Out of 22 (less the two I removed), I’ve already started and/or completed 10 of them.  That leaves at least 12 to go.  Piece of cake.

How are your 2012 goals coming along?