[Image credit: Salvatore Vuono]

Many years ago while conducting business, there was a retail store clerk I used to visit on a regular basis.  In the words of Nemo in the animated movie with the same name, she was a bona fide “grumpy gills.”  My goal quickly became trying to bring about a smile by the end of each transaction.  I can’t say I was always successful, but it provided me with a worthwhile challenge.  Fast forward to last Friday.  I needed lab work done, but decided to call first to confirm they perform the test my physician ordered.  When I couldn’t get through on the phone line, I drove to the lab during my lunch hour — admittedly, a bit hot under the collar.  Right away I came off a little feistier than I planned, but cooled down rather quickly thanks to the tech’s calming “bedside” manner.  In chatting with him during the course of my testing, I learned that for his frustrated patients, he regularly makes it his mission to turn their frowns upside-down by the end of their visit.  As for me, I walked out laughing.

Do you typically bring smiles or frowns to those around you?