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About a month ago, a local radio personality was talking about following a juice diet for 10 or 11 days.  Nothing but juice.  On one of the days, he said it was like everything bad that ever happened to him in high school.  I laughed about it then, but with my desire to take responsibility for my own health, this weekend I bought a juicer and all the “greens” to go with it.  Friday night I read the owner’s manual from cover to cover, then disassembled the unit and loaded the dishwasher-safe parts.  First thing Saturday, I proudly made my morning juice.  In went a half bunch each of kale, spinach and dandelion, a couple of sprigs of parsley, two Granny Smith apples, one peeled lemon, one-half cucumber and two celery stalks.  Out came 24 ounces of: green.  As I wrote this blog last night, I was gagging down my evening glass of greens and realized the DJ was right, only it’s like everything bad that ever happened to me in grades K-12.  There seriously has got to be a better way to get healthy from the inside out.  In the meantime, I wonder if I can trade in the juicer for a blender.

What is your favorite juice recipe that doesn’t cause bad feelings?