[Image credit: Grant Cochrane]

This past week, I saw a GI specialist for my digestive issues.  Admittedly, I was disappointed that my doctor’s first line of attack was to prescribe medication.  For me, that has always been a last resort.  Granted, he also ordered a couple of diagnostic tests.  In the past, I wouldn’t have given his treatment a second thought; however, now that I’ve been trying to figure things out myself, I feel even more invested in my welfare.  I definitely believe medication is warranted in many situations, but sometimes I think it can be an “easy fix.”  So before I take anything, I’m considering obtaining a second opinion.  Never a bad idea when it comes to our health — and many other situations we’re faced with in life.  Whatever it is we’re dealing with at the time, an additional opinion (or three) may delay the answers.  But in the long run, more than one option allows us the opportunity to formulate more informed decisions.  I can’t think of a better reason than that.

Do you rely on one answer, or seek a second opinion when timing permits?