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Last Friday, I woke up and headed to the kitchen as I always do to fix a snack, and review and update my Franklin (day planner).  To my surprise, Friday was missing.  I jokingly posted on Facebook that without this page, I didn’t know what to do.  Responses ranged from opting for a play day to repeating last Friday’s schedule.  Thankfully, I maintain a different planner for work, so eight hours of my day were covered.  As for the rest, I guessed for the most part — a little practice for “flying by the seat of my pants” when I travel this summer.  On Saturday I found the missing page in my workout bag (long story).  It turns out the only thing that didn’t get accomplished the day before was dusting the living room.  But I did allow myself the luxury of an “unscheduled” nap and an evening to take it easy.  And now that I know the planets remain in their orbit and life goes on, ready or not, I may “accidentally” misplace a page or two every now and then.  After all, the dusting can always wait.

How do you deal with a “missing” day — with work or fun or a little bit of both?