[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.  ~ Author Unknown

My mom let go over three years ago.  And before she passed away, she was trapped in a mind and body destroyed by Alzheimer’s Disease.  But I will never forget her hugs.  They were the kind that invited you to kick off your shoes, sink in and stay awhile.  She really knew how to be present in the moment, giving 100 percent of herself in each hug.  When my family moved halfway across the country and I would feel her absence or need a pick-me-up, I’d dial her number to hear her say her arms were wrapped around me.  I would close my eyes, recalling the soft feel of her body against mine and the faint hint of powder lingering on her skin — her strength seeping into me in spite of the distance.  So even though she let go, I’m still holding on to those memories … I hope I can give that same gift to my own daughter.  With that said, if you’re a mama with children of your own (human or otherwise), expecting your first bundle or have loved and lost, Happy Mother’s Day.  And may your hugs be remembered long after you let go.

Have you hugged someone lately?