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This week I revisited an old argument with an acquaintance of mine that had me feeling like we were going in circles.  Round and round we went, beating the topic to death.  You’re not going to change my mind.  My friend said it out loud; I said it in my head.  Then I was told to pose the topic on Facebook in order to garner a general consensus from an “objective” population.  But I opted not to, because this happens to be one of those areas where our differing viewpoints simply put the two of us on different pages.  It’s because each of us are unique — with our own backgrounds, interests, knowledge-base, education, etc. — that it is impossible for us to see eye-to-eye with everyone.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also lost my desire for confrontation, preferring instead to agree to disagree.  Otherwise we’ll just continue talking to our respective brick walls.  Incidentally, in this particular matter I’m right.

Do you typically talk a subject to death, or agree to disagree?