[Image credit: Suat Eman]

Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned
by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down.
~ Hector Berlioz

While I was vacuuming my tiles this past weekend, an idea for a blog post popped into my mind and before I even finished my task, I forgot what this “brilliant” piece of rhetoric was all about.  Ugh.  My dad would say the memory is the “first thing to go” as I approach the rusty, er, golden years.  I’d prefer to think I just have too much occupying my gray matter and that’s what Franklin (my day planner) is for … or my ever-ready post-it-notes on my desk at work.  Only I didn’t even have a chance to jot it down.  Obviously, my idea must not have been that important but, at the time I thought of it, it was enlightened and a topic I was eager to explore.  Hopefully the kernel of muse will germinate and grow into something even bigger and better.  And maybe when I finish dusting or wash the floors, it will pop back into my head with bells on.  Until then, when inspiration strikes, I need to key a few words into my cell phone’s notepad to help trigger the memory.  Wait, how will I remember to do that?

Do you have a fool-proof way to keep from misplacing a thought or two?