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Limbo: a state or place of confinement; an intermediate place or state.  Instead of a rut this time, I would define this (limbo) as my current place of residence.  For months I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on with my GI tract (doctor appointment next week) and skin issues (derm follow-up in June), my writing career is neither coming nor going, my fitness results seem to be stalled and my dreams are hinged on a Someday with no set date or time.  Although I’m not taking the clichéd one step forward and two steps back, I’m also not moving ahead as fast as I’d like.  Maybe that’s the point — the purpose of my limbo as a time for healing, refining, pushing through and practicing patience.  I wouldn’t be able to manage these tasks if life was traveling a mile a minute.  It also allows me to relax in a pair of comfy shorts and tank top, hair thrown into a messy ponytail and face free of makeup on a weekend afternoon, knowing that time will not pass me by.  Perhaps limbo isn’t so bad after all.

How do you spend your times of limbo?