[Image credit: kangshutters]

Recently, I read that instead of expecting a friend, or child or spouse to meet our needs, we’re supposed to try to be the best friend, or parent or spouse we can be.  I’ve been thinking about that concept a lot lately.  I think it’s an idea that can also be applied to other situations, as well, like when we desire something — whether it’s a material item or the fruition of a dream.  Rather than wallowing in our frustration at not being able to have whatever it is we want at the time, we can choose to refocus our attention off of ourselves until the timing is right for us to achieve the prize.  Hopefully, we’ll get so wrapped up in a good cause, or new venture or countless other things, that before we know it, we’re at the finish line.  And by the end of our journey, we may also discover we’re the very best fill in the blank we can be.

What things do you throw yourself into to bide your time?