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It’s never too late — never too late to start over,
Never too late to be happy. ~ Jane Fonda

What if you’re middle-aged (considering you’ll live to be 90) and you have no idea what you want to do or be when you grow up?  Imagine you’ve also been asked by a close friend what your deepest passion is, but you look at her (or him) with a blank stare because you really have no idea.  Perhaps you haven’t given it much consideration before.  You’ve been too busy living the life you began adulthood with — raising a family, with no time to cultivate your own dreams, or you took a job you really didn’t want, simply to pay the bills.  But you know there has to be more.  You just have no idea what it could be.  You long to discover it, though.  You wish beyond anything else there was something new and exciting to get up for each morning, that single most driving force that may actually be the catalyst to define you.  Perhaps it’s not really starting over, but more like moving forward.  Either way, if you’re still breathing, then you still have time to figure it out.  You still have time to find happiness.

What is your deepest passion, the one that defines you?