[Image credit: healing dream]

I have noticed that the people who are late are often
so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.
~ E.V. Lucas

Punctuality has always been a problem for me.  When I make plans, I like to arrange them between such-and-such times, because on-the-dot causes me a mini panic attack.  My mother used to say I’d be late for my own wedding — or was it my own funeral?  Either way, when the tables are turned and I’ve sat in the doctor’s office twiddling my thumbs for 20 minutes after my scheduled appointment was supposed to begin, I get grouchy.  Which I understand is a double standard.  One of my friends suggested I change the clocks in my home to reflect a later time than it really is, so I’d be fooled into thinking I have less time in reality.  Unfortunately, I’ve tried that with the clock in my car, but because I know my secret, I would just calculate the real time in my mind.  Now that I think about it, punctuality may be a virtuous goal to work toward in 2013.  Or maybe I’ll tackle it in baby steps now, so when January 1st rolls around, I’ll be right on time.  After all, with a future brimming with happily-ever-after, I’d really hate to be late for my own Someday.  Or a dollar short.

Are you typically an early bird, right on time or is running late a fact of your life?