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At my age, and with all the books I’ve devoured over the years, I figured I’d probably run across all of the words out there.  In fact, for nearly three decades, I’ve affectionately been dubbed “the walking dictionary.”  So when I come across a new word now and then, I can’t help but be excited to add another to the vocabulary coffer.  After all, the dictionary is always being updated, so why not me?  My contribution for this month is perspicacity, a word that showed up in a Dean Koontz novel a friend of mine was reading.  According to Dictionary.com, perspicacity is the keenness of mental perception and understanding.  Synonyms include: astuteness, shrewdness, clear-sightedness, cleverness, intelligence, sharpness, acuity, insightfulness and wisdom.   Used in a sentence, it may read: The young writer displayed perspicacity beyond her years in matters of character development.  And now that I’m familiar with this word, I feel like I’ve gained a bit of perspicacity, myself.

What new word have you learned lately?