[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

The other day, I posted on Facebook and misspelled the word rode as road.  Not surprisingly, one of my friends commented right away.  For a split second, I contemplated deleting the status update.  But despite my grammar lessons (and upcoming “word-of-the-month” posts), I decided to let my imperfection hang out there.  After all, I’m the first to admit I’m not without fault.  And when we are in a hurry (like another recent update where I wrote soups on … without the apostrophe of all things), we oftentimes overlook words that look right because they are right — except for their context.   Other words I’ve noticed incorrectly substituted (by others, of course) include: loose for lose (not tight and not winning, respectively), affect (verb) versus effect (noun) and don’t even get me started on their, there and they’re (belonging to, location and they are).  Hopefully, your audience will be as forgiving as mine and laugh right along with you.  Because I guarantee … they’re not perfect, either.

What is a notable boo-boo you frequently see spelled correctly, but is used incorrectly?