[Image credit: David Castillo Dominici]

2,000 miles: the average distance between my family, friends and me.  Despite the miles, however, Facebook, email, mobile messaging, Skype and air travel magically draw us all close enough — even if temporarily — to touch.   Similarly, when it comes to my dreams, I’ve been fortunate to have received a taste of what’s yet to come — a teaser, if you will — and I know it’s going to be sweet.  But I also realize, just like with relationships, our dreams (whether near or far off in the future) require nurturing or they may easily slip through our fingers if we’re not careful.  So any opportunity to bridge the distance provides a purpose and a hope … while I wade through the realities of Today on my journey toward Someday.

How do you bridge the gap between dreams that are close, yet still far off in the distance?